Centro Día Claret

Shine a light is, of course, a network of programs that serve street children. Even so, from time to time we integrate programs that serve other populations, if those programs can shine light on youth homelessness; thus we include Centro Día Claret, a program in Medellín for homeless adults.

Medellín has one of the world’s highest populations of homeless adults. In contrast with other Latin American cities, here there are 3-4 adults for every child on the street, and vague censi suggest between 3-10,000 street kids in the city (Medellín’s population is between 2-3 million). Also in contrast to many other cities, street kid and street adult cultures in Medellín are tightly interwoven.

Centro Día Claret serves 300 men each day, and provides 80 beds each night. Men receive social and psychological services; they also have a space to bathe, socialize, and play basketball.

Centro Día offers one important statistic to understand youth homelessness: in Medellín, some 30% of street adults were once street children.

Centro Día Claret
Cra 58 #54-151
Medellín, Colombia

57 4 511 5106

understanding social services for street kids in Latin America

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