Hogar de Cristo (Hearth of Christ)

Because Chile lacks a national welfare network, Hogar de Cristo provides necessary social services for hundreds of thousands of poor Chileans. It runs soup kitchens, medical centers, retirement homes, homeless shelters, schools, and programs for street kids. Hogar de Cristo runs 50 programs in Santiago and another 40 in other cities and towns, with thousands of employees and 1500 volunteers. The budget comes mostly from individual Chileans who donate through their phone bills. Father Alberto Hurtado, now beatified, created the Hogar at the beginning of the 20th century.

In Santiago, the program for street kids functions as a drop in center, with playful activities, affective connections, etc. It promotes better family relations and can refer kids to a network of shelters. In other cities, Hogar de Cristo also runs programs for homeless and excluded kids.

For other NGOs, Hogar de Cristo’s volunteer program must be a model. Four professionals coordinate the work of 1500 volunteers, and work to get people who donate to also work as volunteers, even if only one time a month,

Hogar de Cristo
Padre Hurtado 3725
Estación Central, Santiago, Chile

Voluntariado: Verónica Monroy,
2 776 0505

Niños de la calle, Pamela Soto Vergara
Programa Niños de la Calle
Hogar de Cristo
Balmaceda 1140 Santiago Centro

6972792 - 6967386

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