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Shine a Light teaches the digital arts to marginalized children all over Latin America, so that their communities can come to see themselves -- and show themselves -- in a new light.




Top 25 Shorts, #24. Refugees in Usme

Kurt Shaw

In 2007, we worked with refugee children in the slum of Usme, south of Bogotá.  The teenagers created a video production group and decided to draw a video portrait of their neighborhood, showing the place in all of its complexity.  This short documentary is one of the best in the series, an interview with a family who war forced from its home in the countryside.

La violencia política desplazó Cecilia y su familia a Bogotá, y con este video, ellos cuentan cómo han superado su tragedia personal para construir una nueva vida. Este video forma parte de la serie "Las Caras de Usme", la historia de un barrio periférico de Bogotá, contada a través de la vida de sus habitantes.