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Shine a Light teaches the digital arts to marginalized children all over Latin America, so that their communities can come to see themselves -- and show themselves -- in a new light.




Top 25 Shorts, #22: The shaman who saved the woman from the Mermaids

Kurt Shaw

Among the Kuna indians, the Shaman plays a fundamental role in health care.  In this story, Idalides Colman, granddaughter of the leader of the 1925 Kuna revolution, tells how a shaman went onto the mainland and found a woman suffering from a mysterious illness.  Using his knowledge of the spiritual and modern world (watch out for the airplane!), the shaman (Nele) was able to rescue the woman's soul from the mermaids who held it prisoner.  With that adventure, the woman became healthy once again.

Story filmed by Kuna children and animated with Molas, the supreme art form of Kuna women.