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Shine a Light teaches the digital arts to marginalized children all over Latin America, so that their communities can come to see themselves -- and show themselves -- in a new light.




Huffington Post

Kurt Shaw

Shine a Light got a nice mention in the Huffington Post last week:

The first step to treating and reversing violence against children is correctly diagnosing the problem. It is not enough to commit resources to preventing violence without first undertaking quality research. Fortunately, new technologies -- including those being developed by the Igarapé Institute and others like Promundo, Shine-a-Light, NECA and UNICEF can help. Owing to the rapid increase in digital connectivity and access to information communication technologies, governments and non-governmental organizations are beginning to identify new ways of generating data that were previously thought impossible. As a result, young people who were previously invisible are now empowered with a louder voice to shape their own safety and security.

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