Indigenous and traditional communities in the Amazon have developed their own effective techniques of childhood education and health care. CanalCanoa uses film and technology to put this knowledge into dialogue with western ideas so that each can learn from the other.

Social Impact - Key Project Data

  • Indigenous villages and urban communities organize weekly storytelling session and turn off the TV;
  • Strengthening the role of midwives, shamans, and traditional leaders;
  • Development of community groups in urban indigenous slums;
  • New pride and identity among young indigenous parents.

Some videos from the Project:

The book that emerged from the project:

Executive Summary

Some pictures from this project:

Our Team:

Liliana Lizardo


Liliana Lizardo grew up in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, part of a Baré family from the Parauá region. She has a BA in social work and a specialization in public health. She is now finishing a masters in antorpology at the Federal University of Amazonas.

Irineu Rodrigues


Irineu Rodrigues, -- or Dzooli to his family -- was born in the Baniwa village of Tucumã Rupitá on the Rio Içana, and then became an activist in the indigenous movement. For four years, he was the executive director of the FOIRN, the Federation of Indigenous Organizations of the Rio Negro. He is proud that in spite of his time inthe city, he still practices 90% of his culture, including fishing, hunting, agriculture, and basket-weaving.

Izonéia Araújo


Izonéia Araújo grew up speaking Tukano in a mixed Tukano-Tariano family, and moved to the urban area of São Gabriel as a child. After getting BAs in Biology and Education, she became a teacher and administrador in the public schools. She has four children, including Artur, the star of many CanalCanoa movies.

Lorena Araújo


Lorena Araújo was born in Iauretê on the Rio Uaupés; her father is Tariano and her mother Tukano. She has a BA in history from the Federal University of Amazonas and is now a history teacher in the state school system. She is vice-president of the Council of Indigenous Teachers of the Rio Negro.


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