Our Favela as we see it!

Mass media always has the favelas in its lens, but professional reporters very seldom tell the stories that people who live in shantytowns think most important. With FavelaNews, young journalists from the favelas in the north of Recife, Brazil, use film, photography, and news reporting to tell stories about the beauty, strength, and flavor of their communities. "It's our favela like it really is".

Social Impact - Key Project Data

  • Dramatic reduction in violence in the favelas of the Zona Note de Recife;
  • Transformation of the economy of prestige, so that young people know they don’t need to join gangs to be seen;
  • FavelaNews has become a model and reference for new films in the favelas;
  • As many as 400,000 people a month see FavelaNews videos.

Manifesto FavelaNews:

FavelaNews Acredita: No poder de transformação social da mídia alternativa No poder das mulheres e das crianças no poder da periferia Lutamos: Pela igualdade social e de gênero Pelo acesso à arte, saúde e educação de qualidade Pelo respeito a diferença Pelo direto à expressão.

Cartography of the Favela

FavelaNews emerged from the Cartography of the Favela, a collaboratively researched book with young men from the favelas of Recife. The Cartography used film and hip-hop to understand the underlying causes of violence and to find community resources to resist it.


Project funded by Bernard Van Leer Foundation.


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