Networking Initiative

All of Latin America 2000-2006

We founded Shine a Light to network NGOs that worked with marginalized children in Latin America. From 2000-2006, we traveled every country in the region, meeting with more than 400 NGOs and bringing some 300 of them into a collaborative network. We also talked with thousands of street and woking kids, as well as academics, to develop a comprehensive theory of children and social change.

Social Impact - Key Project Data

  • 79% of projects changed government policy in a progressive direction.
  • 63% of participating youth became leaders in their community.
  • 83% of participants became mentors to other kids.
  • 38% of participants went on to higher education.

Other texts from the Project


  • "La Globalización de la Exclusión: niños de la calle en los Estados Unidos" (Noviembre 2002)


  • "Edipo en la calle: la lógica de la exclusión de la infancia callejera" (Marzo 2003)




Project financed by Joan Malin.


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