Life's Roulette

More than half of child soldiers who manage to escape the Colombian civil war end up back in armed groups. Together with the amazing local NGO Taller de Vida, we developed a new method of working with this triply victimized group: fictional film based on their lived experience. The result, Life's Roulette, was one of the most successful projects -- and most prize willing films -- SAL has done. Perhaps most importantly, not a single participant returned to an illegal armed group.

Social Impact - Key Project Data

  • Of the participants in the project, none returned to an illegal armed group: among the control group, more than 60% did.
  • Ten years later, 14 of the 15 participants have formed families, and their children seem unlikely to go to war.

Recent Videos:


Theater of War, Cinema of Peace describes the process by which the film was made as reflects on the power of cinema in social change movements.

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This project was a collaboration with Taller de Vida and was funded by ArtVenture.


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