El proyecto para la autonomía indígena

Chiapas, México 2002-2004

During SAL's conversations with many local NGOs, leaders lamented that many indigenous families were living and working on the streets of their cities, but they didn't know how to work with them. Melel Xojobal was created to respond to exactly this issue, so we collaborated with them to create a curriculum on indigenous education.

Social Impact - Key Project Data

  • 79% of projects changed government policy in a progressive direction.
  • 63% of participating youth became leaders in their community.
  • 83% of participants became mentors to other kids.
  • 38% of participants went on to higher education.

Stalel Stuk fue una colaboración con Melel Xojobal y fue realizado por Mike Feigelson. Fue financiado por Joan Malin, eBay, and the Georges Lurcy Charitable Trust.


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